Friday, 11/17/17


  • 3:45pm GBB/BBB practice
  • 7:00pm One Act practice


  • 6:30am One Act departs for Pawnee City (Otte) (sack breakfast and lunch)
  • 9:00am One Act Play competition begins @ Pawnee City - NELHS competes @ 3:30pm
  • 1:00pm York bus (Ring)


  • We are in need of more Kleenex or tissues for use in the classrooms. If you are able to donate any Kleenex, please drop them off in the school office. Thank you!


  • We have new gear ready for basketball season as well as some general Knight wear. Our web store for spirit gear items for Nebraska Lutheran are up and ready for ordering.
    • The website will close on 11/19/17 at midnight.
    • Please make sure to get your order in during that time frame as if you miss the deadline and still want items, there may be additional charges and your items may be delayed.
    • All items will be shipped to the school and dispersed by Tiffany Beiermann when finished—usually 10-12 working days after the site closes.
    • Here is the link: http://stores.artfxscreenprinting.com/nebraska_lutheran_high_school/shop-admin/shop/home [note: there are underscores in the link]
    • You will need to create an account (if you do not already have one) in order to place an order. Use an active email as that is where you will receive confirmation of your order once it is successfully placed.
    • Please note there is a chance items are on backorder as ARTFX is not notified of these until they order what was ordered on the store. You will be notified if the backordered item is more than two weeks out.
    • If you have any sizing questions please access the size charts offered. If there are any other questions or something is not answered on the webstore, please email our representative at ARTFX—her name is Taylor Sherrill tsherrill@artfxscreenprinting.com