Nebraska Lutheran High School

New Student Registration Process

(For US Students only.  International Students please fill out the application here).


  • Apply online.  Go to TADS to complete your application.
  • Ask your pastor to write a letter of recommendation.  If you do not have a pastor, ask your elementary or middle school principal to send a letter of recommendation.  Upload it to the TADS website.
  • Submit your non-refundable $50 application fee on the TADS website.


  • Ask your principal/registar to send transcripts and health records to Nebraska Lutheran.
    • Transfers - Send copy of transfers right away.
    • New freshmen - Send copy as soon after 8th grade graduation as possible.
  • Apply for tuition assistance via TADS.  This can only be done online.  The deadline is June 1.


  • Expect an e-mail in the spring to complete the enrollment process online at TADS.  This will be a more lengthy process and will require multiple uploads of various documents (birth certificates, permission forms, physical forms, vaccination information, etc.)  This is also when you sign up for your desired payment plan for tuition.
  • Arrange to have a physical with your family doctor.


  • Arrive on campus for Registration Day to meet with teachers, advisors, coaches, and administrators.
  • Join us in worship at our Opening Service for the school year.
  • Classes begin as outlined on the School Calendar.