Boarding School Success

  • Boarding schools provide unequaled academics, supported by small classes and heightened interaction between teachers and students.
  • In the unique residential campus environment in which they live, students are immersed in a special setting that promotes the camaraderie of common experience, friendship among peers, and a trust and honesty with mentors and adults that endures for a lifetime.
  • Boarding schools bestow on students what they have always wanted—the responsibility of appropriate independence. Living on campus provides an unparalleled setting for learning how to live with and among peers, and provides countless teachable moments for mentors to reinforce the myriad lessons of both school and life.
  • Boarding school graduates are uniquely prepared for college life. Statistics reveal that graduates, on average, attend the nation's finest universities and arrive at college better prepared for both the academic rigor and social challenges that universities present.
  • Boarding school graduates are conditioned for future success. By the time graduates arrive at their first professional job, they're fully prepared for the challenges of adult life. Studies show that they rapidly advance in their professional careers, and are more engaged in their communities than their peers