Students attending Nebraska Lutheran are expected to enroll in a minimum of 7 class periods (not including band) per semester.  A student must earn a total of at least 24 credits in order to graduate.  These 24 credits should include the following required courses:

  • Freshmen:     English, Mathematics, Freshman Music/Choir, Religion, Physical Science, Computer Applications, Health
  • Sophomores:  English, Mathematics, Choir, Religion, World History, Biology, Physical Education
  • Juniors:         English, Religion, American History
  • Seniors:         English, Religion, Career Guidance, Psychology

In addition to the classes listed above, students are also required to take one additional year of elective science, one additional year of elective social studies and an additional year of elective math.  Completion of Algebra I is required.

The remaining credits may be chosen from elective subjects offered.  A listing of these is available in the Student Handbook.  Elective course choices may vary from year to year.


When choosing courses during the high school years, it is important to look ahead to what courses are required for admission to college.  Because NELHS graduates attend a wide variety of colleges and universities after graduation, it is difficult to specifically list what courses a college-bound student should enroll in while at NELHS.  Some general guidelines include:

  • English:  4 years
  • Social Studies:  3-4 years
  • Math*:  3-4 years
  • World Languages***:  2+ years
  • Science**:  3-4 years

*Many colleges require Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II

**Many colleges require at least one year of Biology and either Chemistry or Physics

***Most colleges desire two or more years of the same language

In addition to the above suggestions, students who plan to continue their education at Martin Luther College in preparation for the teaching ministry are encouraged to include courses in music in their high school curriculum.  Students who plan to attend Martin Luther College in preparation for the parish ministry are strongly encouraged to give further emphasis to the study of foreign language.  The Martin Luther College catalog can give more specific information on these issues.