Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About NELHS

What is Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School (NELHS)?

NELHS is a Lutheran high school that is owned and operated by an association of Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod congregations.  NELHS exists to assist parents and congregations by providing Christian training in the skills and values necessary for loyal service to Jesus Christ for time and eternity.  NELHS is a school where the spiritual, educational and social needs of students are paramount. Throughout its history, NELHS has become well known for an excellent program of Christ-centered education, an outstanding academic program and a well-rounded, diverse extra-curricular program.  

Our students come from families who want their children to be immersed in God’s Word every day (through chapels, religions classes, and Christian teachers, friends and coaches).  We are not an “elitist” school, although our students perform very well academically and in their extra-curricular activities.  Nor are we a “reform” school, although our programs and climate encourage a lifestyle that gives glory to God.  We are a school where our students get to know Jesus better every day.  

Approximately 80% of NELHS students live in dormitories on campus during the week.  20% of the students are commuters who live locally.   2/3 of the students are from Nebraska with the remaining students coming from 9 other states and 4 foreign countries.  

What is the academic program offered at NELHS?

NELHS is an accredited school, and our credits are accepted by colleges and universities throughout the country. NELHS has a certified staff of 12 instructors.  With an excellent teacher/pupil ratio, the school has always been grateful for the individual attention it can give to its students and for the quality Christian education it is privileged to provide.  As a Christ-centered college preparatory school, over ninety percent of its graduates continue their education at a college or university campus. NELHS has achieved and continues to achieve many academic awards.

Our faculty makes itself available for frequent out of class tutoring.  We also have a peer-tutoring program that ensures that students are supported in their academic endeavors.

NELHS students commit more time to homework than the national average, and it shows from our students’ performance on standardized tests. NELHS students perform exceptionally well on national tests and more than 90 percent pursue further education after graduation.

What is life like in a student dormitory?

Our dormitories are specially designed to create a family-like atmosphere for our students, while encouraging them to remain close with their own families. The campus has both a girls’ dorm and boys’ dorm.  Each dorm has two tutors that supervise the students in the dorms.

Tutors are teachers or pastors with a passion for serving young people. They serve as mentors, providing emotional support, spiritual guidance, and academic assistance as they teach skills that will make students successful in life.

One of the great thing about NELHS and the dorm life is the special relationships the kids end up creating with each other and their teachers.  Our teachers, dorm staff, and kitchen staff are in-tune to what is going on and what is normal with each student.  We are able to teach the students daily how to be great communicators with each other and adults.  
Students are expected to participate in daily chores such as doing laundry, vacuuming, making their beds, and other tasks that help build a sense of responsibility.

What does a normal day look like for a NELHS dorm student?

7:20-7:40  Breakfast
7:45- Band 0 hour begins
8:25-3:31- Classes in school all day
3:45- 6:00 – Sport and Extracurricular activities
6:00-6:20- Supper
7:10- Evening Chapel
7:30-9:00-  Study Hall
9:00-10:00 Free Time
In-dorm times and bedtimes to follow

What makes NELHS special and a great place for my child?

Recently as part of their regular accreditation process, a 5-person independent team thoroughly reviewed every aspect of NELHS. The result? NELHS was awarded accreditation with exemplary status receiving 278.5 points out of a possible 285. Here are just a few of the commendations noted by the accreditation team that demonstrate some of the special aspects of Nebraska Lutheran.

•    a team ministry which is evident across the school
•    students, teachers and staff that are dedicated to the ministry of sharing the gospel.
•    providing a Christian family atmosphere for its students, parents and visitors.
•    students that are warm and welcoming.
•    the tremendous Christian culture and climate seen in teachers, staff, students, and facilities.
•    faculty that does an excellent job of adjusting teaching to the conditions and needs of each student individually.
•    the integration of technology as an instructional tool.
•    work with students in post-secondary planning.
•    the dormitory staff's involvement with the students, helping them grow physically, academically, socially and spiritually.

What else does NELHS have?

•    1 to 1 student to computer ratio (each student is issued a laptop on enrollment)
•    100% of our campus equipped with wireless internet
•    Over 20 online courses offered
•    8.6 to 1 student to teacher ratio
•    Average class size: 13
•    99% graduation rate
•    ACT prep class offered
•    SAT  test offered on campus twice a year
•    Global student body
•    One of the top math programs in the state
o    (2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 UNL Quiz Bowl Champions, 2013 UNL Math Probe Champion)
•    96% participation rate in extra-curricular activities
•    Strong speech (2015 District champs) drama program (2014 Conference champs), and Quiz Bowl (2015 District champs)
•    Top level band and choir programs
•    Wide range of sports programs (Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Track, and Soccer)
•    Graduates welcomed at colleges and universities across the United States (21 of 23 graduates in 2014 attending college, $445,000 in scholarship monies won)
•    History of sending many graduates into the full time preaching and teaching ministry

What are the admission requirements?

Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School admits students who have graduated from the eighth grade and agree to the policies and purpose of the school.  A recommendation is required from a student’s pastor or current school principal.

Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in the administration of its educational policies, tuition assistance and loan programs, federal funding programs, and athletic or other school-administered programs.

How much does it cost?

Please contact the school for current tuition costs.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes, last year $58,000 was distributed by the school to assist families. 

How is the school funded?

NELHS is funded through three primary sources.  NELHS is owned by an association of 50 Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) congregations spread across five states.  These congregations have made NELHS part of their annual budgets so that no student must pay the full cost of education to attend the school.  Additionally, hundreds of supporters and alumni across the country regularly support the ministry at NELHS with their donations.  The third source of funding for the school is the tuition that families pay to send their students to the high school.

How do I find out more about Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School?

Contact Skip Bremer at 402-728-5236 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a time to visit the school campus or discuss possible enrollment.